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So...I see we have peeked your interest. Are you wondering "who the heck would write a blog about a 1977 VW Photo Bus traveling around New York State?". Well wonder no more...we would! Here is the thing...we literally travel all over NYS with our photo bus from April - Nov. for weddings, community events, corporate functions and pretty much any social occasion. Do you want to know the comment we here the most?."This is the coolest photo booth I have ever seen. How did you ever think about turning a VW Bus into a photo both?". Now, I would love to say, "Yes, I came up with this novel idea and have created it for all the world to see, but my story didn't start that way.

I had been running my photo booth business for 2 years and I realized that many of the inquiries I received were for outdoor events. Photo booths + the outdoors were not fun for me. Yes it did create a lot of fun for onlookers, but me not so much. You have to contend with so many factors...meaning the elements of that lovely lady, Mother Nature. Wind, Rain, Heat and anything else she decides to throw at you in her time of fury. It really got me thinking..."how can I do outside events without all this stress?". So, I turned to who anyone would turn to for advice...good-ole Mr. Google! He showed me what other photo booth businesses were doing, mostly out west and in areas that have a year round running season. People were taking one of the most beloved vehicles and turning it into a mobile photo booth.



I thought to myself that is what I need to do. I remember telling my husband what I was thinking and he was like "really, are you sure, I don't know, will people rent something like that?". I knew in my heart that clients would not only rent it, but they would love it! So...that is exactly what I did. It took me 6 months of research, craigslist ads from all over the US and the help of our friendly bus garage mechanic, Dell to find our girl. It must have been fate because we found her not far from us in Oswego, New York. She was a loved bus, but her condition was weak and we were going to have a lot of work to do to her before the next wedding season started. We stripped her, sandblasted her, replaced panels, primed her and painted her. New interior, seats, headliner and of course photo booth equipment. It took a lot of work, time and money, but we scraped it all together and had her ready for the 2017 wedding season. No corners were cut, we did everything exactly how it should be done and it shows. She is absolutely pristine. The only thing she lacked was a name...I have this thing with naming my photo booths. I feel like naming them all gives them a more personal connection that I hope my clients resonate to. For each booth I like to give a backstory to here is our VW photo bus one. Now I won't lie here is how she got her name. I love reality tv and one of my favorite shows is "Little Women of LA". I know laugh if you will I love the show, I cannot help it! Terra had a baby girl and named her Penelope, she was so cute and something inside me just said that was it. 



She may have been manufactured in 1977, but in our hearts she was born to us September 13, 2016. I have no idea who will read this blog...I may be the only one who reads it, mainly because I am writing it! I will tell you this, if you are a follower - which I hope you will be - I will share our travels to new venues, meeting new vendors and my passion for my business. I am so much more than just a photo booth company.

Heather XOXO